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== Noir Dire ==


Performances: May 14th, 15th, and 16th at 8pm. in PW's upstairs space theater.

Noir Dire tells the story of a jury composed of 6 humans and 6 puppets as they find themselves put on trial for the absurd crimes they have committed in a post apocalyptic world.

Warning: Contains puppet nudity, puppet violence, puppets doing math, and other adult themes.

Written and Directed by Alex Rosenthal

Featuring the talents of:
Dan Rogers
Alicia Coneys
Justin O'Neill
Audrey Chait
Naomi Inoshita
Kyle Dacuyan
Karin Freed
Rafael Cebrian

Free tickets available at the door!

This show is brought to you by the letter Q, the number 12, a generous grant from a PW alumnus, and the support of viewers like you.

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