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No Flies on Frank

written and directed by Jonathan Gyory
based on a short story by John Lennon


The Amazing Menagerie and Rare Bird Exhibition with Moveable Parts and Colored Lights //or// Girl Makes Good

written and directed by Barbara Ensor

spring 1977
Production Workshop

No Flies on Frank cast

Frank: Bob Sloan
Cohort: Smoky Cerrone
Estrogen: Angie Stone
Mme. Prof. Chloresterol: Mitra Behroozi
Prof. Vouchsafe: Mike Hiller
Prof. Kidneystone: Dave Brickman
Mme. Prof. Tadpole: Linday Potts
Prof. Sutherskill: Chip Gibson

Girl Makes Good cast

Girl: Beth Lapides
Boy: Brian Kelly
Penguins: Lovey Padden, Mary Palladino, Lisa Ruckdeschell
Weight Watcher Operators: L. Lingham, Kate Hamilton
Weight Watchers: Mary Palladino, Lisa Ruckdeschell
Big Lady: Carlye Booth, Ann Gabriel, Janis Pilch, Betsy Gardner
Acrobat: Chet Kerr
Master of Ceremonies: Charlie Varon
Sword Swallower: Bridget Orr
Jugglers: Brad Sachs, Tawen Chang, Tom Laurita
Stiltist: Punch Olivier
Lumberjacks: Laurie Lingham & co.
Tightrope Walker: Lovey Padden
Unicyclists: Holly Grovesner, Lex Dupont, Fred Holmes
Ventriloquist: Sam Sloan
Clown: Pinhead
Boombatters: Ted Ewing, Betsy Gardner
Slinky Artist: Brian Kelly
Circus Staff: Paul Ensor, Chet Kerr
Men: Mary Palladino, Paul Ensor
voice of Jimmy Carter: Charlie Varon

production staff

set designers: Bret Morgan, Jonathan Gyory
lighting designer: Lars Erickson
costumes: Susan Lichtman, Laura Ward, Sara Rose, Leigh Ferst, Mary Ann Montalvo
sound recording: John Andrew, Bob Sloan
choreographer: Sue Landess
puppets, personalities & parts: Kate Hamilton, Betsy Gardner, Paul Ensor, Jake Basso, Lovey Padden, Doug Dubosque, Gail Kalin, Bridget Ora, Laurie Lingham, Janis Pilch, Amy Golden, William Lichtenstein, Kari Nordstrom, Barbara Ensor
stage manager: Mary Ann Montalvo
master carpenter: Bret Morgan
assistant lighting designer: Ruth Buckley
dimmerboard operator: Curtis Cohen
followspot operator: Sukey Ryan
sound operators: Greg Hammond, Doug Dubosque, Drummer
build crew: Sara Rose, Mike O'Connell, Mary Ann Montalvo
photography: Cindy Furlong
film making: Kari Nordstrom
lighting consultant: Lisa Orris
publicity: Pier Luigi Consagra, Barbara Ensor, Steven Guarnaccia
pw board liason: Bruce Tracy
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