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Madoff Play

by Nathaniel Shapiro '12
directed by Zach Bleckner '12
Production Workshop Downspace
May 26-29, 2010



Jared Bellot '12
Bari Berger '10
Blair Cameron '13
Doug Eacho '11
Ariel Hudes '11
Jarett Key '13
Daniel Levine-Spound '12
David Litt '12
Sean Patrick McGowan '12
Kathryn Rhoads '12
Jonathan Topaz '12

Production Staff

DirectorZach Bleckner '12
WriterNathaniel Shapiro '12
Stage ManagerEllen Shadburn 12
Production ManagerGabriel Flateman '13
Scenic DesignerMegan Estes '12
Projection Design, AnimationRose Curley RISD '12
Lighting DesignerSerge Lobatch '12
Sound DesignerLeandro Zaneti '12
Costume DesignerCorina Chase '13
Technical DirectorAdam Wyron '13
PropsAlp Ozcelik '13
PW Board LiaisonJames Anglin Flynn '11
Poster DesignRose Curley RISD '12
Assistant Lighting DesignerBrette Ragland '13
Assistant Production ManagerIan Veidenheimer '12
Assistant Stage ManagersKerry Hall '13, Jessie Medofer '13
Assistant Sound DesignersBecca Title '13, Helen Diagama '12
Assistant Costume DesignerKathryn Linder '12

Special Thanks

Family & Friends, Kym Moore, Rafael Cebrian, the PW Board, Ryan Lester, Dominic Wu, Shonni Silverberg, Brown University Hillel, Megan Nesbitt, Rammstein, Fran Romasco the Brown Admissions Office, Michael McGarty, New York City, Neil Diamond, Tim Hett, Ronald Cesario, Richard Strauss, Max Ramirez, Artie Levitt, Hary Markopolos, Ezra Merkin, Big L, the Hustle, the quiet dog, the other half, Charles Ponzi, and Bernie Madoff





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