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written by William Shakespeare

director: Seth Bockley

October 13-16, 2000
Production Workshop


Macbeth: Harry Barandes
Lady Macbeth: Alix Sobler
Banquo: Ross Chapman
Hecate: Liz Loza
The Witches: Gayle Macdonald, Jillian Tucker, Eve Moskowitz, Didi Ilkson, Stephanie Wang, Sarah DiGregorio

production staff

director: Seth Bockley
set designer: Sam Kusnetz
lighting designer: Mac Vaughey
costume designer: Elaine Farber
sound designer: Sam Kusnetz
stage manager: Naomi Kenner
production manager: Amy Sonnenborn
technical director: Dov Lebowitz-Nowak
assistant lighting designer: Liz Drew
assistant stage managers: Jaime Green, Becca Bradburd
master electrician: Sarah LaMendola
assistant technical director: Rachel Terp
assistant costume designer: Izzy Grinspan
build crew: Geoff Gillespie, Julia Glenday, Laura Jellinek, Katie Miller, Ellen Sweeny
electrics crew: Ellen Sweeny, Paco Tolson, Joe Zarrow
costume crew: Cassie Tharinger, Alexandra Marshall, Rebecca Rouse, Paula Kopecna, Naomi Kenner
makeup crew: Sophie Klein, Bridget Stokes, Julia Glenday, Olivia Rasini, Tara Tunney
original music composed & performed by: Sam Kusnetz
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