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The Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Archibald MacLeish
Directed by Aubie Merrylees '10

ZussDan Sterba '8.5
NicklesLizzie Feidelson '11
J.B.Morgan Ritchie '10
SarahSophia Shackleton '09
EnsembleRafael Cebrian '11, Jonathan Gordon '11, Justin O'Neill '11
Lily Spottiswoode '09, Sarah Tolan-Mee '09, Teng Yang '11
Production Staff
DirectorAubie Merrylees '10
Stage ManagerSarah Baker '10
Set DesignerAndrew Evans '09
Costume DesignerKaitlyn Stanhope '09
Assistant Costume DesignerEmily Fishman '11
Properties MasterAlex Lubensky '09
Lighting DesignerOlivia Chi '10
Lighting Design MentorOona Curley '10
Assistant Lighting DesignerBen Winkler '10
Sound DesignerDave harrington '08.5
Production ManagerDrew Madden '10
Technical DirectorEric Rudisaile '09
Poster and Cover DesignMateo Mancia '08 and Kate Owen '10
Run Crew/Sound OperatorJames Hart '12
Board LiaisonDaria Marinelli '10
Electrics CrewSpencer Brody '10, James Hart '12, Andrew Leber '12

Friday, September 19th at 8pm
Saturday, September 20th at 8pm & 11pm
Sunday, September 21st at 8pm
Monday, September 22nd at 8pm

The show runs approximately 1 hour, 20 minutes.

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