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How I Learned To Drive

By Paula Vogel Directed by Alexandra Keegan '12

February 11-14, 2011


Lil' BitMadeleine Heil '13
Uncle PeckWill Ruehle '13
Greek Chorus
Ana Escobedo '11
Chris Fitszimmons '13
Deepali Gupta '12
Alex Kryger '12
Cara Mones '11


DirectorAlex Keegan '12
Asst. Director/Stage ManagerJessie Medofer '13
Asst. Stage ManagersEmma Rodbro '14Zach Rufa '14
Costume DesignCorina Chase '13
Light DesignJames Hart '12
Set DesignNatalie Uduwela '12
Sound DesignMichael Shuster '12
Musical Arrangements Jacob Combs '11
Props Design Blake Beaver '14Annie Kocher '14
Production Manager Matt Mettler '13
Technical Consultant Adam Wyron '13
Asst. Set Designer Maya Shanker '11
Asst. Production Manager Becca Wolinsky '14
PW Bozo Megan Estes '12


Playing with trauma, playing with memory… This is some kind of love story after all.

I first read How I Learned to Drive a year and a half ago, now. I couldn't put it down. I couldn't let it go.

So today we travel to the 1960s, to the backroads of Maryland; to Middle School locker rooms and awkward parental sex talks; to driving lessons, family dinners, and the open highway.

I hope you find a little bit of discomfort, and a little bit of laughter… Think back to your first memorable car ride, or maybe your first slow dance.

Perhaps there'll be a moon over Providence tonight. Let's go for a drive.

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