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How I Learned To Drive

written by Paula Vogel

director: Rachael Miller

September 21-24, 2001
Production Workshop


Lil' Bit: Jessie Austrian
Teenage Greek Chorus: Lucy Boyle
Uncle Peck: David Myers
Male Greek Chorus: Alden Eagle
Female Greek Chorus: Claire Karpen
The Automatic Transmissions: Joe Blodgett, Lila Rose Kaplan, Lauren Rubenzahl, Jarrod Fischer, Dov Lebowitw-Nowak

production staff

director: Rachael Miller
set designer: Nicholas Risteen
lighting designer: Jarrod Fischer
costume designer: Jillian L. Waid
sound designer: William Carter
props designer: Nina Miguez
multimedia designer: Jori Keten
musical director: Jarrod Fischer
stage manager: Zinaida Miller
production manager: Alex Aixala
technical director: Mac Vaughey
assistant stage managers: Katie O'Connor, Allison Whitney
master electrician: Carin Cymanski
assistant technical director: Nick Rosenblum
light board operator: Matthew Biagini
sound board operator: Katie O'Connor
run crew: Adam Immerwahr, Sarah Goldstein
build crew: Nina Miguez, Nina Mamikunian, Erica Saleh, Stephen Karam, Adam Lewis, Michael Linden, Dawn Terry, Lieva Whitbeck, Garland McQuinn, Alicia Wolcott, Maura Finigan, Becca Anzalone, Maya Bruhns, Jessie Austrian, Claire Karpen, Nicholas Risteen, Alex Aixala
electrics crew: Rachael Miller, Didi Ilkson, Lieva Whitbeck, Maya Bruhns, Adam Lewis, Gayle MacDonald, Gabriel Wildau, Garland McQuinn, Neil Alger, Mac Vaughey, Alex Aixala, James Egelhofer
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