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conceived and directed by Ben Asriel
phrase a by Ben Asriel
phrase b by Ruthie Streiter
phrase c by Kyle Shepard

April 18 - 21, 2003
Bigelow Theatre


dancers: Niki Applebaum, Caedra Scott-Flaherty, Kemen Austin
emcee: Rebecca Melsky
emcee's assistants: Will Leung, Xiaojue Hu

production staff

director: Ben Asriel
set designer: Mac Vaughey
lighting designer: Gayle Macdonald
costume designer: Allison Carter, Erica Saleh
props designer: Maya Bruhns
stage manager: Rebecca Rouse
production manager: Lisa Jacobson
technical director: Benj Kamm
assistant stage manager: Xiaojue Hu
master electrician: Ben Asriel
build crew: Blanche Case, Nicole Fischler, Benj Kamm, Caroline Merichi
publicity & programs: Cari Cymanski
pw board liason: Gabriel Kahane
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