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Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake)

by Sheila Callaghan
directed by James Anglin Flynn '11
Production Workshop Downspace
May 20-23, 2009



The ApartmentChris Tyler '10
MotherMichelle Ilutsik Snyder '09.5
JaniceSami Horneff '12
BarbaraHannah Lennett '11
Justin Timberlake & Harrison Ford Nick White '10

Production Staff

DirectorJames Anglin Flynn '11
Stage ManagerRia DiLullo '11
DramaturgKatrin Dettmer GS
Assistant DirectorAlexandra Keegan '12
Scenic & Lighting DesignerOona Curley '10
Original Music DesignersDennis Kozee '10, John Racioppo '11
Costume DesignerLacey Drucker '08
Properties DesignersDoug Eacho '11, Lauren Neal '11
Production ManagerDrew Madden '10
Technical DirectorRyan Lester '12
Master ElectricianSpencer Brody '10
Publicity DesignerChris Tyler '10
Assistant DramaturgMariagrazia LaFauci '12
Assistant Lighting DesignerJessica Goldschmidt '10.5
Build & Electrics CrewMegan Estes '12, Eric Rudisaile '10
PW LiaisonJessica Goldschmidt '10.5

Special Thanks

Abby Colella, Abby Davids, Alicia Coneys, Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies,
Franziska Flemming, German Graduate Student Office, Hollis Mickey, José Enrique Macián,
Kevin Heelan, Max Posner, Max Ramirez, McThursdays, Megan Estes, Michael McGarty,
Rebecca Schneider, Rue de Sale, Serge Lobatch, Sam Alper, Sophie Shackleton, Tim Hett



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