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Crimes of the Heart

by Beth Henley
directed by Ellie Gravitte '17
Production Workshop Downspace
Sep 25-28, 2015


Lenny MagrathAda Dolan-Zalznick '17
Chick BoyleKat Boorstein '16
Doc PorterSam Rubinek '17
Meg MagrathNaiyah Ambros '17
Babe BotrelleSammie Chomsky '18
Barnette LloydJames Wenz '18

Production Team

DirectorEllie Gravitte '17
Asst. DirectorLucie Fleming '17
Stage ManagerJamie Meader '17
Asst.Stage ManagerZoe Gilbard '18
General ManagerRaphe Posner '18
Set DesignerNick Healy '17
Lighting DesignerLuke Denton '18
Asst. Lighting DesignersTristen Moseley '18, Matt Steinberg '19
ElectricsJoey Massa '17
Sound DesignerGinger Holmes '17
Costume DesignerEstee Feldman '18
Props DesignerEmily Garrison '16
Technical DirectorStacie Farrow '18
Asst. Technical DirectorDan Rapuano '17
DramturgShadura Lee '16
ComposerCarlo Ladd '17
Executive ProducersJenn Maley '16, Liz Oakley '16
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