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Trey Parker's Cannibal the Musical was produced in PW’s downstairs space in the winter of 2005. It was directed by Benji Samit, ‘06.

It was performed February 11-14, 2005.


Narrator: Juan Schwartz
Alferd Packer: Christian Luening
Polly Pry: Weldon Ledbetter
Bell: Austin Campion
Swan: Cody Campanie
Noon: Stuart Gibbs
Miller: Teddy Goldsmith
Humphrey: Andrew Pfeffer
Frenchy: Douglas Benedicto
Loutzenheizer: Adam Kriesberg
Nutter: Matt Prewitt
Mills: Andrew Miklos
Indian Chief: Adam Mazer
Ensemble: Stephen Barlow, Adam Mazer, Brendan Pelsue, Nate Saunders, Betsy Wilson

production staff

director: Benji Samit
music director: Alex Clifford
choreographer: Vaughn Edelson
set designer: Louisa Bukiet
lighting designer: Spencer Collins
costume designers: Lillian Ostrach, Katherine Pecore
sound and video designer: Benji Samit
art director: Megan Layton
stage manager: Lauren Engel
production manager: Aaron Stanton
technical director: Louisa Bukiet
assistant stage managers: Holly Alderman, Nina Cruz
master electrician: Tiffany Chang
assistant technical director: Andrew Skinner
build crew: Andrew Skinner, Courtney Davis, Jared Slucter, Cody Campanie, Nina Cruz, Holly Alderman, Megan Layton, Adam Kriesberg, Lauren Engel, Shea Donie
blood consultant: Leighton Bryan
original music & orchestration: Alex Clifford, Stuart Gibbs
pw board liason: Justin Spiegel

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