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Brown University Modern Dance Club

February 1-2, 1973
Faunce House Art Gallery (Leung)


Choreography: Sylvia Turner
Music: Concerto for Two Mandolins, by Antonio Vivaldi
Dancers: Claude Montgomery, Clifton Thompson, Sylvia Turner


Choreography: Jane Desmond
Music: Syrinx, by Claude Debussy
Dancer: Kathy Eberstadt
Flutist: Jane Desmond


Dancer: Andy Roth

Improvisation in Effort — Shapes

Directed by: Jane Desmond & Sylvia Turner
Sound realization: Jane Desmond
Dancers: Rozalind Brooks, Lydia Cort, Joel Goldstein, Beth Hyams, Jennifer Sachs


Choreography: Liz Inglis
Music: Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty, by Herbie Mann
Dancers: Carol Cravey, Liz Inglis, Clifton Thomas


Choreography: Karen Ho
Music: Natalia, by George Moustaki
Dancers: Carl Hardy, Karen Ho

Summer Sounds, Driving In A Car

Choreography: Andy Roth
Tape Collage: Andy Roth
Dancers: Carl Hardy, Jane Desmond, Andy Roth

production staff

lighting designers: Jennifer Sachs, Sylvia Turner
stage manager: Cathy Perman
technical directors: Jennifer Sachs, Sylvia Turner
assistant stage manager: Claude Montgomery
technical assistance: Beth Hyams, Claude Montgomery, Kay Hummel
publicity: Andy Roth, Robin Rosen, Barbara Morriss, Carol Cravey, Liz Inglis
dimmer board operator: Audrey May

Brown University Modern Dance Club Executive Board

President: Jane Desmond
Treasurer: Clifton Thompson
Publicity: Andy Roth
Technical Advisors: Jennifer Sachs, Sylvia Turner
Advisor: Julie Strandberg, Director of Dance for the University
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