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by Sarah Kane
directed by Sam Barasch '12
Production Workshop Downspace
April 13-16, 2012



David Lee Dallas '13
Audrey Ellis Fox '12
Valerie Hsiung '12
Lizzie Stanton '13
Conor Kane '14

Production Staff

DirectorSam Barasch '12
Assistant DirectorsAbby Colella '12, Michelle Migliori '14
Stage ManagerJared Rosa '14
Assistant Stage ManagersLya Lim '13, Zofia Stanley '15
Production ManagerJenny Gorelick '14
Set DesignerRosa Congdon '15
Technical DirectorBecca Balton '14
Lighting DesignerMegan Estes '12
Assistant Lighting DesignerEliza Cohen '14
Costume DesignerSheila Sitaram '15
Assistant Costume DesignerEmma Fisher '15
Sound DesignerAlex Ostroff '14
Run CrewGabe Lozada '15
Poster DesignerJon Key RISD '13
Electrics CrewBecca Balton '14, Gabe Lozada '15, Adam Wyron '13
PW Board LiaisonsAbby Colella '12, Alex Ostroff '14

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