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LydiaAndrea Gompf '08
GiulianoPaul Cooper '11
OlympiaChrissie Bodznick '10
ThyonaCaroline Straty '10
BellaJenna Horton '09
PieroRafael Cebrian '11
ConstantineSammy McGowan '11
NikosEllis Rochelson '09
OedJonathan Gordon '11
EleanorLily Spottiswoode '09
LeoSam Alper '11

Production Staff

Director: Sophia Shackleton '09
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Justin O'Neill '11
Associate Stage Manager: Naomi Inoshita '11
Production Manager: Aaron Malkin '10
Assistant Production Manager: Emma Price '10

Edits & New Material: Tara Schuster '08
Oed Monologues: Max Posner '11

Set Design: Andrew Evans '09
Sound Composition, Mixing & Design: James Hinton '10
Lighting Design: Oona Curley '10
Assistant Lighting Design: Olivia Chi '10
Costume Design: Lucy Sedgwick '10
Jumpsuit Construction: Lacey Drucker '08
Technical Director: Sara Weschler '10
Set Helpers: Lou Buckiet '09, Eric Rudisaille '09, Adria KAtz '10, Oona Curley '10, Arik Beatty '10, Drew Madden '10
Master Electrician: Olivia Chi '10
Runing Crew: Cailey Bromer '11, Gina Sato '10
Poster Design: Chris Tyler '10
Pottery: Miranda Thomas Pottery, Bridgewater, Vermont
Bakers: Alicia Coneys '09, Hannah Singer '09, Elliot Colbert '09, Mark Doss '09, Andrew Evans '09, Stephanie Harris '09, Megan Whelan '09
Board Liaisons: Tara Schuster '08 and Max Posner '11

Special Thanks

Charles and Miranda Shackleton, Elliot b. Quick, Mike Williams, Alex Peyser, Lacey Drucker, Eve Hoffman, Max Posner, Michael McGarty, Ross Cowan, Albert Huber, Matthew Gelfand, Justin Spiegel, Alana Jacoby, Drew Madden, Leighton Bryan, Harry Aspinwall, Helen Torelli & Robert Sedgwick, Alicia Coneys, Aubie Merrylees, Dan Rogers, James Rutherford, Antonio Salieri, Venusaur, Meowth, DJ Assault, Rogerseventytwo & The Walk, Cole Porter, The SciLi, Louis, The PW Board & Tyra Banks

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