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Balloon (April 16-19, 2004)

created and directed by

Caroline Hurley RISD'04


Balloon was a 36-minute “4-D Painting” done as the senior thesis of RISD student Caroline Hurley. It is an adaptation of the film “The Red Balloon,” and, like the film, contained no real spoken dialogue. Each actor designed a short piece touching on her childhood that involved interaction with an oversized, brilliantly-colored balloon. The glorious ending involved flooding the Downstairs Space with white balloons, turning colored lights onto the audience, and declaring a dance party.


Max Anderson '07
Katie Bosland '07
Kate Brandt '07
Sarah Campen '07
Erica Saleh '04

production staff

director: Caroline Hurley RISD'04
set designer: Caroline Hurley RISD'04
lighting designer: Gayle MacDonald '04
costume designer: Caroline Hurley RISD'04
sound designer: Brian Christian '06
stage manager: Tara Vega '07
production manager: Blair Nelsen '06
technical director: Jesse Cohen '07
master electrician: Todd Lipcon '07
sound board operator: James Rutherford '07
build crew: Deborah Ahn '07, Max Anderson '07, Maya Bruhns '07, Amy Bernstien '?, Graham Connell '?, Max Cooper '?, Seth Gass '?, Joe Gebbia RISD'05, Caroline Hurley RISD'04, Maya Janczekowska '?, Sasha Khmelnik '06, Todd Lipcon '07, Gabe Lloyd '?, Garland McQuinn '05.5, Blair Nelsen '06, Sarah Parke '?, Seth Steinhoff '07, Alex Surasky-Ysasi '07, Tara Vega '07, Stef Victor '?
electrics crew: Max Anderson '07, Adam Griska '04, Nina Mamikunian '04, Blair Nelsen '06, Seth Gass '?, James Rutherford '07
technical director mentor: Henry Ben Clarendon '06
pw board liason: Garland McQuinn '05.5

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