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by Tom Stoppard

Directed by Doug Eacho '11

In 1809, a thirteen-year-old girl tries to solve Fermat's last theorem. Today, a scholar is convinced that Lord Byron killed a lesser poet in a duel. In 1809, a brilliant young tutor is caught in “carnal embrace” with that poet's wife. Today, a mathematician desperately tries to find patterns in nature. Tom Stoppard's comedy takes us back and forth between these two times as we see these intellectuals trying to dig order out of chaos, and to find life amidst death. Along the way, we are treated with diversions into thermodynamics, landscape design, geometry, latin translation, botany, and lots of Byron poetry. There's also a live tortoise. Boaz Munro as Septimus Hodge

(in order of appearance)

Septimus HodgeBoaz Munro '09
Thomisina CoverlyDeepali Gupta '12
JellabyNicholas Rosholt '10
Ezra ChaterArik Beatty '10
Richard NoakesJacob Combs '11
Lady CroomEmma Price '10
Capt. Brice, RNJonathan Migliori '11
Hannah JarvisAna Escobedo '11
Chloë CoverlyKatie Rhoads '11
Bernard NightingaleNed Riseley '12
Valentine CoverlyJustin Kuritzkes '12
Gus CoverlyKyle Dacuyan '11

Production Staff:

DirectorDoug Eacho '11
Stage Manager/Asst. DirectorMark Stokely '11
Set DesignJenny Filipetti '09
Lighting DesignJames Hart '12
Sound DesignJacob Isbell '12
Costume DesignEmily Fishman '11
Asst. Costume DesignMargaret Lange '11
Props DesignEmily Toner '10
Music Selection and PerformanceKatharine Joo '09
Technical DirectorRia DiLullo '11
Production ManagerAlex Lubensky '09
Poster DesignLilia Royanova '11]]
Board LiasonDrew Madden '10
Build CrewMatthew Haynes, Andrew Evans '09, Sam Alper '11, Katherine Cooper '09
Electrics CrewArik Beatty '10, Drew Madden '10, Spencer Brody '10, Andrew Leber '12, Olivia Chi '10

Arcadia Cast

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