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Accidental Death of an Anarchist

by Dario Fo, adapted by Michael Dean and cast

Promo shot

Left to Right: Sarah Tolan-Me, Jing Xu, Alicia Coneys, Billy Popwell, Paul Meier, Eileen Meny


The Fool: Eileen Meny '07
Bertozzo: Sarah Tolan-Me '09
Pisani: Jing Xu '10
Superintendant: Paul Meier '09
Feletti: Alicia Coneys '09
Constable: Billy Popwell '09


Director: Michael Dean '08
Stage Manager: Alex Lubensky '09
Technical Director: Eric Rudisaile '09
Props Master: Kait Stanhope '09
Set Design: Adria Katz '10
Light Design: Oona Curley '10
Sound Design: Erick Olson '10
Costume Design: Rachel De Jong '09
Board Liaison: Adam Mazer '08
Assistant Stage Manager: Kelly Ma '08

Production Shot

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