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Work In Progress

an evening of short original works

March 14-15, 2002
Production Workshop

Intro in Progress

by Kerry Silva
with Jarrod Fischer and Sam Kusnetz

Inner Monologue

by Sophie Klein
with Julia Ostrov and Greg Machlin

In the Words of Word

by Steven Kidd

My Business

by Diana Fithian

Notes from Greece

by Lauren Rubenzahl
with Kerry Silva, Sophie Klein and Lila Rose Kaplan

Fond Childhood Memories

by Greg Machlin
with Julia Ostrov, Sophie Klein, Darius Pierce and Diana Fithian

A Neo Neo Futurist Tryptic

(“Dumbshow & Noise”, “On a Dolphin”, French, “Past Perfect”)

by Brian Sheppard

22 and Serious

by Kerry Silva

A Pop Song

by Jon Martin

Scene Four from //Writing Fellows//

by Lila Rose Kaplan
with Sam Kusnetz and Kerry Silva


by Darius Pierce


a morality play on mythic and mystic themes

by Jarrod Fischer
with Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Blodgett, Greg Machlin and Steve Kidd

A Poem

by the ensemble

production staff

curator: Kerry Silva
lighting designer: Sam Kusnetz
stage manager: Darius Pierce
publicity: Rebecca Low
master electrician: Jarrod Fischer
pw board liason: Gayle MacDonald
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