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a silly sort of thing

written and directed by Kathy Ng '17
Production Workshop Two Weeks in the Upspace (TWITS)
February 26-29, 2016


Papa SnailBecca Levy '16
Harriet Chelsea Fernando '17
Student 1/ElenaGeorgia Wright '17
Student 2/Gloria Ani Mack '17
Shelley Tabitha Payne '19
Lenny Sasha de Lotbiniere '17

Production Team

Writer/DirectorKathy Ng '17
Stage ManagerMaya Frydman '18
ChoreographerAnh Vo '18
Set Designer/Scenic Painter Maggie Meshnick '17
Light DesignerAnthony De Rita '18
Sound DesignerLucie Fleming '17
Costume DesignerMia Rollins'17
Poster DesignerJason Roth '17
Snail CaptainZoe Thompson '15
General ManagerJake Kuhn '17
Props DesignersJake Kuhn '17, Kathy Ng '17, Edgar Rincon '17
Assistant DirectorEdgar Rincon '17
Assistant Stage ManagerTristen Moseley '18
Light Design ManagerLuke Denton '18
Executive ProducersFletcher Bell '16, Andrew Ganem '16

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