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A Doll House

by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Tara Ahmadinejad

“The parties at our house are like first-class funerals” - La Dolce Vita, directed by Federico Fellini

Torvald showing Nora off...


Nora: Alice Winslow '08
Torvald: Adam Mazer '08
Dr. Rank: Matt Sledge '08
Krogstad: J.D. Nasaw '08
Mrs. Linde: Elizabeth Vieh '07

Allison LaPlatney '07
Paul Meier '09
Liz Encarnacion '09
Andrew Oates '09
Emily Roberts '08


Director: Tara Ahmadinejad '07
Stage Manager: Alex Lubensky '09
Set Designer: Allison Grubbs '09
Technical Director: Adria Katz '10
Light Design: Alana Jacoby '08
Sound Design: Jason Sigal '07 & Danny Bowman '07
Costume Design: Claire Russo '09
Props Design: Caroline Gray '07
Production Manager: Kathryn Wallem '07
Assistant Stage Managers: Sophia Shackleton '09 & Paul Wozniak '09

Nora deceives Torvald

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