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3 Chairs, 2 Cubes

Undergraduate New Plays Festival

March 19-22, 2004
Production Workshop

Instructions for a Block

written by Ben Gottlieb
directed by Tess Lantos

Ernie: Alexander Horn
Ellie: Elisabeth Zerofsky


written by Jennifer Silverman
directed by Holly Aladin

Naien: Mirele Davis
Ali: Jake Rosenberg
Kris: Sarah Goulet

Apricot Supernovas

written by Krista Knight
directed by Blair Nelsen

Teacher / Ms. Gagarin: Sarah Hirschfeld-Sussman
Yen: Nate Saunders
Kat: Susan Abraham
Voice of Mrs. Yomoto: Sarah Hirschfeld-Sussman

Living Room

written by Diana Fithian
directed by Briel Steinberg

Charles: Kurt Roediger
Jean: Rachel Golub
Serena: Brittain Youngblood

Why Are We So Unhappy? or, Goodnight, Dear

written by Yale Wang
directed by Jessica Marrero

1: Owen McDougall
2: Kai Morrison
Coach/Elaine: Samantha Cornwell

production staff

production manager: Adam Immerwahr
production stage manager: Maya Bruhns
stage manager: Michelle Lee
dramaturg: Katherine Chavez
3C2C committee: Maya Bruhns, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Michael Perlman, Jessica Wilson
directing mentors: Adam Immerwahr, Jessica Wilson, Michael Perlman, Claire Karpen
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