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3 Chairs, 2 Cubes: Undergraduate New Plays Festival, 2013

Production Workshop Downspace
October 25-28, 2013

Double Blind

Written by Bryan Smith '15
Directed by Nick Healy '17

KevinTrevor Olds '14
PeterElias Spector-Zabusky '15
KimShannon Sotomayor '17



Written by Jenny Gorelick '14
Directed by Ben Silver '17

CoralAmelia Scaramucci '17
WeedLiz Stanfield '16
SaltKat Boorstein '16
SebastianMichael Chiboucas '13.5


Your Vincent, A Romantic's Comedy

Written by Tonya Riley ’15
Directed by Sam Rubinek ’17

JonahJacob Cohen '15
DelilahAlanna Hoffman '15



Written by Eli Petzold '14
Directed by Thom Finley '14

cAntonia Piccone '14.5
aBecca Millstein '16
sMarli Scharlin '16


Last Sunday and This Sunday and Next Sunday and Every Sunday

Written by Simon Henriques '15
Directed by Patrick Madden '15

LarryAlex Ostroff '14
MaryEmily Rudder '17
JerrySinan Eczacibasi ’14


3C2C Staff

Stage ManagerJasmine Liu '17
Sound DesignerRiley Ryan-Wood '17
Sound MentorUrsula Raasted '14
Light DesignerCaroline Kelly '17
Technical Director Austin Draycott '15
Poster DesignerBecca Balton '14
Executive ProducersChris Fitzsimmons '13, Evan Silver '16
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