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3 Chairs, 2 Cubes: Undergraduate New Plays Festival, 2009

Production Workshop DownSpace
October 23-26, 2009

War and Peace

War and Peace

by Justin Kuritzkes
directed by James Anglin Flynn '11

GregPaul Cooper '11
AmyChrissie Bodznick '10
StewardessElana Siegel '11

The Urnest Speaks

by Daria Marinelli '10
directed by Becca Title '13

FranGillian Brassil '12
Dad/The UrnestJared Bellot'12
MumEmma Brown '11
LiamLee Dallas '12
WaltArune Gulati '11

Fairy Dust

by Anish Sarma '12
directed by Serge Lobatch '12

JessKirsten Ward '12
PedroMichael Stewart '13

Bruce Springsteen Misreads the National Mood in His Halftime Performance

by Sam Alper '11
directed by Michelle Snyder '09.5

LuceSimon Wood '12
OprahLily Garrison '10
AxlRafael Cebrian '11


by Michelle Meyers '12
directed by Jonah David '13

Old ManJosh Schwartz '13
Old WomanBari Berger '10
DogKathryn Linder '12

3C2C Staff

ProducerJessica Goldschmidt '10.5
Stage ManagerMarissa Palmor '12
Assistant Stage ManagerAddie Thompson '12
Lighting DesignLeandro Zaneti '12
Assistant Lighting DesignMargaret Maurer '13
Electrics CrewJames Hart '12, Serge Lobatch '12, Oona Curley '10, Adam Wyron '13

Special Thanks to...

Ama Quao, Thom Jones, Steffen Marcus, Rachel Lamb, Samantha Angaiak, the PW Board,
Drew Madden, Michael McGarty, Alex Lubensky, Paul Meier, Kevin Heelan, fam and friends all around

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