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3 Chairs 2 Cubes: Undergraduate New Plays Festival 2007

Plays and Casts

Only Moments
by Alison Schouten\ Directed by Daniel Rogers '08

Narrator: Kori Schulman
The Man in the Tux: Aviad Sunshine
Claudia: Jessica Laser
Tackley: Michael Hammond

Falling Out
by Melissa Kagen
Directed by Emma Price

Kat: Emily Silverman
Sam:Lucian Cohen
Katie: Francesca Montanile
Danny: Sam Yambrovich

Circular Motion
by Anonymous
Directed by Chris Tyler

Cynthia: Meredith Mosbacher
Jason: Billy Popwell
Barbara: Allissa Wickham

Family Owned
by Morgan Ritchie
Directed by Michael Morgenstern

Michael Darger: Sam Alper
Jay Murphy: Harry Lisabeth
Jean Darger: Yana Vierboom

Plays Talk: A Place to Talk About Plays
written and directed by Brendan Pelsue

Play's Talk Guests:
Charles Jejune: Devin Gould
Marcia Taft-Feinbaum: Alexandra Panzer
Stacey Lamontaine: Alice Winslow

Plays Talk Actors:
Modest Mildred/Giant Clam/Sign Holder: Audrey Chait
Old Woman/Grandmother Dolphin/Man/Teenage Boy: Max Posner
Tina Dolphin/Woman/Woman: Naomi Inoshita

Production Team

Producers/Artistic Directors: Alex Rosenthal '08 and Charly Simpson '08
Stage Manager: Justin O'Neill
Lighting Designer: Matt Gelfand
Sound Designers: Alana Jacoby '08 and the Directors
Miming Coach: Andrew Evans '09
Fight Choreographer: Andy Loomis
Sound Op: Alex Rosenthal '08
Light Crew: Drew Madden, Justin Spiegel '08 Play Mentors: Allison Grubbs '09, Daria Marinelli, Charly Simpson '08, Alex Rosenthal '08
Publicity Queen: Tara Schuster '08
Poster Design: Jessie Hopkins '08

pw 3C2C Committee: Charly Simpson, Alex Rosenthal, Justin Spiegel, Alana Jacoby, Albert Huber, Allison Grubbs, Daria Marinelli

Special Thanks: pw, Andrew Evans, Nut House, Phil O'Hara, Pablo Alejandro, Charly's Mom, Alex's Mom, Paul Meier, Tara Schuster, Max Posner, Sasha Coelho, Alex Lubensky, Albert Huber, Brian Christian, Todd Lipcon, caffeine, pirates, and the broken-hearted.

3 Chairs 2 Cubes is a workshop festival, a celebration of the breadth and acuity of Brown creativity, from the page to the stage. By restricting productions to three chairs and two cubes, we hope to emphasize the text and the director/writer relationship, bringing into sharper focus the hands which have transformed once-blank pages into tonight's performance.

In the few weeks since we first saw these texts, playwrights have crafted them, directors have nurtured them, and actorss have cared for them. We hope that tonight they will blossom. Many thanks to all who made this evening of new work possible.

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