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3 Chairs, 2 Cubes '05 (October 28-31, 2005)

3_chairs_2_cubes is a festival of short original plays written by undergraduates at Brown. It is produced by PW once each year.

In 2005, it was performed October 28-31, and consisted of five short shows.


Shh Shh & It'll Pass

Two Daughters

by Jessica Marrero '07
directed by Robin Zelman '09


Kay: Tara Vega '07
Scarlett: Jessica Kerry '08
Dr. Trueblood: Adam Keller '07

The Red Wheelbarrow

book and lyrics by Julia Alter '08
music by Noah Chevalier '07
directed by Kathryn Wallem '07


Carl: Andrew Fox '06
Emma: Olivia Olsen '08
Guitar Playin' Man: Henry Kaplan '06

The Play Room

by Steven Levenson '06
directed by Kurt Roediger '07


Judith Hanson-Burke: Kelly Dreher '08
Young Man: Boaz Munro '09

production staff

producer/artistic director: Brian Christian '06
stage manager: Sasha Khmelnik '06
assistant stage manager: Sirin Tugbay '07
lighting designer: Garland McQuinn '05.5
sound designer: Brian Christian '06
3c2c committee: Brian Christian '06, Blair Nelsen '06, Elliot B. Quick '07, Alex Rosenthal '08
directing mentors: Briel Steinberg '06 (for Sport, Two Daughters, and The Play Room) and Blair Nelsen '06 (for Shh Shh & It'll Pass and The Red Wheelbarrow)
voice angel for The Red Wheelbarrow: Christie Gibson '06

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