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2 out of Four

plays by Samuel Beckett and David Myers

director: David Myers

October 25 - 28, 2002
Production Workshop

© Adam Griska. all rights reserved.


do it -- [d.myers]

Male: Gabriel Kahane
Female: Greta Pemberton
Michael: Daniel Bassichis

What Where -- [s.beckett]

Voice of Bam: Laurabeth Greenwald
Bam: Alex Clifford
Bom: Karola Kreitmair
Bim: Lucy DeVito
Bem: Greta Pemberton

Dollface and Stench -- [d.myers]

Dollface: Maura Finigan
Stench: Steve Kidd

Krapp's Last Tape -- [s.beckett]

Krapp: Seth Bockley

production staff

director: David Myers
set designer: Nick Risteen
lighting designer: Adam Griska
costume designer: Ollie Rasini
sound designer: Sam Posner
props designer: Lindsey Albertson
stage manager: Briel Steinberg
production manager: Immer
technical director: Carter Romansky
assistant stage manager: Dana Kroplick
master electrician: Henry Benjamin Clarendon
sound board operator: Emily Drumsta
run crew: Katherine Chavez
poster and banner design: Sasha Rubel
assistant properties mistress: Eva Wu
costume crew: Katy Moore, Michelle Lee, Iben Falconer
build crew: David Krakow, David Myers, Adam Griska, Nick Risteen, Judson Merrill, Sam Posner
electrics crew: Gayle Macdonald, Michael Linden, Cari Cymanski
costume design mentor: Jillian Waid
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