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Now, you are in there right from the get-go, designing the space with the director. You'll also want to help out the technical director, the person in charge of building the set you design, by comings to build calls. Beyond the specific needs of the show, you'll want to keep in mind some of these peculiarities of the Downstairs Space when designing your masterpiece:

  • The Seating Platforms. They are 3'x8'. Five chairs fit on each. Keep in mind aisles in various configurations. PW policy is a minimum house count of 85.
  • Fire Safety. Make sure it's up to snuff, especially if the show cannot go on without love AND fire. Again, ask your EP if flammability might become a factor, or to plan how much room to leave by the exits. 3' aisles to egresses, already flame-retardant fabric, and painting untreated wood are all smart/necessary.
  • The Downstairs Polygon. The space is not rectangular. It has vent columns that stick out weirdly. It has ramps. The walls sometimes bulge. Account for it.
  • The Grid. It's 16 feet up. It probably can't support a person's weight.
  • The Booth. If part of the tech action is going to go on in the space (ie, the stage manager is not going to call the show from the booth, or the sound board op is going to be in the space), factor in space for them.
  • Forgive the mime.

ready set mime

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