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Todd Lipcon '07


I'm interested in lighting design, sound design, and general electrics work.

I'm not doing quite as many shows this year as I used to, but I'm happy to mentor anyone new who wants to learn lighting or sound design.

I've worked on the following shows since coming to Brown:

  • Skriker (sound op)
  • Bat Boy (sound mixer)
  • Into the Woods (sound designer)
  • Transforming Jimmy Dalton (ME)
  • No Returns (ME)
  • Misanthrope (sound designer)
  • Tick Tick Boom (sound designer)
  • Best Brown Musical (sound designer)
  • Hedwig (sound designer/mixer)
  • Magellan (sound designer)
  • The Father (ATD, lighting designer)
  • 3C2C (lighting designer)
  • Laramie (ME)
  • Psyche (lighting designer, recordist)
  • Measure for Measure (sound designer)
  • Compleat Female Stage Beauty (sound designer)
  • Charlie Brown (lighting designer)
  • Syringa Tree (PW bozo)
  • And Baby Makes Seven [Temporary Theatre Company, NYC] (sound designer)
  • Warfare (sound designer)
  • Those who Can, Do (sound designer)
  • Anaerobic Respiration [Fringe NYC] (sound designer)
  • Invention of Love (sound designer)
  • Chicago (lighting designer)
  • Moon Mary (general sound helper dude, recordist)
  • Red Herring (lighting designer)
  • Hair (sound designer)
  • The Olive Thief (lighting designer)
  • The Children of Eden (pianist)
  • Flying on the Wing [Fringe NYC] (lighting designer)
  • Skin of our Teeth (sound designer)
  • Pursuit of History (lighting designer, sound mentor)
  • Macbett (composer, sound designer)

Recording Experience:

  • Various recitals, classical music performances, MU143 readings, etc
  • My own CD of classical piano
  • The Best Brown Musical Ever, The Musical
  • Allison Posner's solo show (musical)
  • Caitlin Marshall's solo show (musical)
  • Psyche
  • Moon Mary
  • The Greeks (underscoring violin/cello)
  • Arrr!!! “a capirate” group's CD
  • Yarmulkazi's CD
  • Currently working on The Brownstones next CD
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