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hello person reading the pw website! my name is simon.

i like to think that i am real cool, like this: 8-)

in reality though i am probably more like this: :-/

(i just discovered you can put emoticons on these pages and my reaction was like this: 8-o)

my main theatrical wheelhouses are acting and writing, so i'm afraid i can't help you learn cool technical skills or anything like that. (ugh lame i know m() but please do let me know if you are interested in creating/editing/staging original work and i will see what i can do to make your [theatrical] dreams a reality! =) also let me know if you have questions about pw as an organization or just want to get more involved. ;-) (friendly wink not a flirty one)

DELETEMEalso also let me know if you're a lonely soul out there looking for connection. not romance or anything—just like sometimes i feel like i'm so small and the world is so big and i'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way. you know? maybe it's just me. but i feel like i can't be the only one who's looked out at cars racing by down the highway and thought, “every one of those cars has a story inside. and i'll never know that story. all these people who are mere extras in my life are the stars of their own, and those are movies i'll never get to see. this highway is a veritable redbox—but one on the other side of town, that i'll never bother to make the trip over to.” and i don't know how i'm supposed to respond to that other than with an unending sense of yearning. or whatever i guessDELETEME

basically let me know if you need any sort of help, and maybe i will be of no use but at least you'll have asked. cool? cool.


(now why the heart is not an official emoticon i cannot fathom)

(i suppose the pw website has no conception of love)

(that makes me feel sad, like this: :-()

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