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This is Paty. I'm from Mexico. I like to manage stages, build things and sometimes design sounds. But overall, I love to make art and theatre and performances. Here are some useless fun facts for your enjoyment !

I pronounce my name “Pady” when I speak in English and “Paty” when I speak in Spanish, because of no particular reason. Once someone asked if its “paty like krabby patty” and I replied “its paty like pretty patty” and I think about it a lot. (That was a spongebob reference just so you know)

I like to paste stickers on my computer. Two of my favorites are a Leslie Knope sticker giving thumbs up after falling into the hole and a set of three chicken nuggets with the quote “nugs not drugs”.

Sometimes I send emails to my friend with dreadful existential questions or pictures of kittens and puppies to interrupt their studying. It's a fun time.

So if you feel like talking about theatre, or any of these things you can always reach me at Thanks for stopping by :) ) )

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