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Hey all, my name is Paige.

This is what I look like; if you see me, say hi! Or I’ll say hi to you. It’s a toss up, but someone is going to get greeted.

I like to build things, and I like to help other people build things. If you’re building something and want help, text me at (701) 429-3710 or email me at If you’re interested in/curious about helping me build things, also text or email me, particularly if you don’t have tech experience! I’m all about making a safe space for anyone and everyone to learn new skills. I'm especially excited about working with women and queer technicians, as well as all those who claim any marginalized and underrepresented identities. These voices are integral to the creation of important theatre, and I want pw to stay important and relevant to the lives of students at Brown.

Things you can expect from me include: sass, openness, honesty, awkwardness, and effusiveness. Things you shouldn’t expect from me include: grace, athleticism, or the ability to curb my enthusiasm.

I'm totally down to talk with you if you have thoughts, questions, ideas, or feelings. Hit me up, we’ll get tea.

We're basically friends already,


*a brief breakdown of shows I've worked on*


TD - bobrauschenbergamerica - april 2014

ALD - bunny bunny; gilda radner - commencement 2014

TD - almost, maine - september 2014

TD - song for a future generation - october 2014


TD - pillowman dir. andrew ganem - febuary 2014

TD, ALD - waxwing dir. evan silver - october 2014

TD - it felt empty dir gabriel lozada - december 2014

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