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Max writes plays, acts in them, watches them and tries to make them with others.

Max's Plays Include:

THE THING ABOUT AIR TRAVEL - Performed in the PW Downspace December 2008. Directed by Sophie Shackleton. a play about losing a sibling, losing a child, losing your mind on an airplane between the third world and the first world. the miles pass and pass, no one can speak your language, and you might end up kissing the repressed christian missionary next to you. (Produced at PW and at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca)

THE WAR ON SAFETY - every day, curtis receives a postcard from his parents who haven’t returned from vacation for over a year. they are having “fun in the sun”. curtis won’t leave his tiny dorm room, and his girlfriend izabel won’t stay. the threat level has risen from yellow to orange, and it shows no sign of stopping. a play about two in a room made for one. A chronicle of longing in the face of terror, a romantic comedy of errors, and a tropical fantasy. (Produced at The BLANK Theatre's Young Playwrights Festival)

THE FAMISHED - business men and women eat each other's left overs as the boss man moves onto something bigger and better and we all hope to fill his boss man shoes. we lost rodney when he hung himself from his tie, but we've been managing just fine and would generally like to kiss each other or become parents. (in progress)

HER BRAVERY: a history of carpeting - a play about masturbation, carpet, and robots over time. a woman at the turn of the century sees love and invention evolve and dissolve as we lose control of the contraptions we make to resist temptation. a boy invents masturbation only to discover it's already been invented. a teenager invents carpet only to discover it's already been invented. a panel of geniuses devise complex devices to prevent us from touching ourselves or polluting the world with out nocturnal emissions. how will we ever get to heaven? we program ourselves, and then move on to programming other things. from the imagined past to the imagined future, what are all these odd rules? (in progress)

COUNTING TO INFINITY - if samuel beckett and neil simon had a kid, he might have written this play when he was young. a boy waits to become a man in an unending chamber. a man shows him porn. his mom is his mom. when will he come into something else? (produced around and published by playscripts)

THE BUSINESS OF LOVE: Anatomy of a Dolphin - A MUSICAL! - written with Sam Alper and Caleb Townsend. Performed in the downspace as part of the mini musical festival, winter 2008 Directed by Justin O'Neill. a businessman falls in love with a dolphin. a dolphin falls in love with a businessman. compromises of tragic proportions are made as two beings navigate the impossible task of being together against the laws of the physical world. set to a rockin, heartbreaking score.

NOBLE CAUSES - a young man is bored to death reading about Hiroshima. soon after he is the victim of violence. a play about how explosions are sick.

Max helped in writing the adaptation of BIG LOVE by Charles Mee that was performed in March 2008 in the PW downspace directed by Sophie Shackleton.

Max has also written a handful of short plays and is working on a screenplay.

At Brown, Max has acted in:

HAMLETMACHINE - Leeds Theatre Feb. 2008. - Directed by Jose Macian

PUNKPLAY by Gregory Moss (world premiere) - New Plays Fest 2008 - Directed by Kerry Whigham

TARTUFFE by Moliere - Leeds Theatre Oct. 2009 - Directed by Mia Rovegno

SONDRE LERCHE by Sam Alper - 3 chairs 2 cubes 2008 - Directed by Drew Foster

PLAYS TALK by Brendan Pelsue - 3 chairs 2 cubes 2007 - Directed by Brendan Pelsue


+ a handful of workshops, readings and other crazy, short, spontaneous projects

Relevant classes:

Staging Postdramatic Theatre w/ Ken Prestininzi Wooden Writing w/ Paula Vogel Collaborative Languages w/ Bonnie Metzgar 2 Playwriting Workshops w/ Greg Moss Music & Playwriting w/ Lisa D'Amour Guhahamuka: Advanced Playwriting w/ Erik Ehn Movement w/ Kym Moore Acting w/ Lowry Marshall

Other stuff:

Assistant Lighting Designer for STONE COLD DEAD SERIOUS

Member of PW Board and Sock & Buskin

Is excited to help out / work on projects, specifically ones focused on developing exciting, theatrical, intimate & sexy NEW work for an audience.

hit me up @

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