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Matthew Luscious Steinberg was abandoned as an infant on board the Pequod IV, a Moby-Dick themed cruise ship sailing the North Atlantic. He learned to coil cable before he learned to talk, and became an assistant stagehand at the ship's fanciest performance space to earn his room and board. In the fall of 2007 he staged an elaborate escape and washed up, dressed as the ghost of Amelia Earhart, on the shores of Providence, RI. He has spent the last eight years living in a storage room under the Rhode Island State House, self-educating and waiting until he was old enough to matriculate at Brown University, where he plans to study theatre and make friends. He will gladly do the following things in exchange for coffee:

lighting design

stage management


He will also try the following things:

sound design

projection design

anything else you have in mind

His recent design work includes Urinetown right here in the Downspace. Evidence below.

He also designed other things (on the Pequod IV, of course). More evidence:

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