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~Luke Denton~

Fun fact about me: I had fun once. It was horrible.

Well now that that's out in the open, let's be best friends.

I teach sex ed and I study marginalized/alternative religions.

So sex and demons are great conversation starters if you want to be a) lifelong romantic partners b) casual frenemies c) business partners who casually hook up on the weekends and business trips but ultimately, come on, this is all about the money, right, even though I have really strong romantic feelings about you and can picture ourselves living a passionate, fulfilling life together d) friends.

I design lights sometimes, so I guess you could ask me about that. I also have managed stages and productions and built stuff and directed so I guess we can talk about that too.

This is a picture of me in the PW Costume shop. Study this image, and then find me on the sidewalk someday and just whisper sensually in my ear (“Don't ask, don't tell”.)

People that have done that so far: 1.

Finally, always remember: Theatre is a collaborative art form. So give me your lunch money, loser.

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