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Justin Kuritzkes is a playwright, actor, director, and improviser.

His plays are: “The Sensuality Party” (full-length) “Growth” (full-length) “As the Boat Approaches”(full-length) “An Autobiography About My Brother” (full-length) “Trivia About Unimportant People” (One-Act) “Equals” (One-Act) “Hawaii” (One-Act) “War and Peace” (One-Act) “The Gladiator Game” (One-Act) “Crickets” (One-Act) “Fisherwomen” (One-Act) “Piracy” (One-Act) “Night Events” (One-Act) “The European Union” (One-Act)

He co-wrote and co-directed “The History Boys,” a sketch show, in Fall 2008 in the PW Upspace.

He directed “As the Boat Approaches” in the PW Upspace in Fall 2009.

He performs improv comedy with Starla and Sons.

He has performed in: “Metamorphoses” “Arcadia” “Three Sisters” “Fuckcity” “Closer”

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