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PW Greenbook

Welcome to the Wiki Greenbook. Basically, the idea is that if you want to work on a show, list your name under each category you're interested on working on. If you make a link and page for yourself, you can even write a little bit about what sort of shows you're interested in working on, or if you want to assist / be an assistant, etc. Very free form, but hopefully useful for directors looking for staff. If you have difficulty adding yourself then please feel free to email PW and we'll be happy to help you out!

If you want a category that isn't already here, just add it!

Please list your graduation year as well as your name, so that we can go through and remove people who have graduated at the end of each year.

Set Designers

Lighting Designers

Costume Designers

Sound Designers

Properties Designers

Video Designers

Stage Managers

Technical Directors

General Managers

Musical Directors



Advertising Artists



Build Crew

  • be sure to email the tech list at

Board Operators

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