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Emma Johnson. I'm enthusiastic, happy and kind.


“Queen Elizabeth I, Hitler, Reagan” Passion Play dir. Skylar Fox (Circuit Theater, Boston, August 2012) “Linda” The Sensuality Party dir. Justin Kuritzkes (Providence, April 2012) [NW] “Duchess” Lady Windermere's Fan dir. Lowry Marshall (Brown Main stage, November 2011) “Ensemble” The Visit dir. Meredith Mosbacher (PW, October 2011) “Ion” Talk dir. Erik Ehn (Brown Main stage, April 2011) “Laertes” Stand and Unfold Yourself dir. Doug Each (PW Upspace, Feb 2011) “Edmund”, King Lear (Shakespeare on the Green, September/October 2010)


Opus by Michael Hollinger (PW Upspace, Feb 2012)


Voice & Speech, Thom Jones (Brown) Clown, Jane Nichols (Brown) Acting & Scene Study, Kym Moore (Brown) Style & Performance, Lowry Marshall (Brown) Creative Ensemble, Kym Moore (Brown) Playwriting, Erik Ehn (Brown)

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