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Daria Marinelli '10

Currently: In Buenos Aires, Argentina on the Arnold Fellowship

photo blog:

We are Samurai I'd Rather Not Say

Red Red

I had a lovely four years at Brown, and here's some of the stuff I did.


  • Red (Spring 2010, PW, Dir. Me) *
  • We are Samurai (Sr. Thesis Spring 2010, Rites and Reason and TAPS, Dir. Erik Ehn) *
  • I'd Rather Not Say (Fall 2009, McCormick, Dir. Becca Title) *
  • The Earnest Speaks (Fall 2009, PW:3C2C 2010, Dir. Becca Title) *
  • Slippery Slippery (Fall 2009, McCormick:Once Upon a Weekend, Dir. Jessica Goldschmidt) °
  • Beforeward (Fall 2009, The Round) α
  • How we run the town ever since the caravan folk gone (Spring 2009, Clerestory) α
  • Schrodinger is Not for Birthdays (Spring 2008, PW,Upspace Reading Festival, dir. Morgan Ritchie) °
  • Lassie and the Secret of the Summer!!! (Fall 2007, McCormick, Reading Festival) °
  • It's 10 O'Clock (Fall 2007, Once Upon a Weekend) °

* World Premiere
° Workshop/Staged Reading
α Published


Production Managing


  • The Blind (Dog Ensemble, Spring 2007, Department of Theater Arts and Performance Studies, Dir. R. Schneider)
  • Anowa (Mouth of Tiny Spiders, Spring 2007, R&R Theater, Dir. Elmo Terry Morgan)
  • i am eloise (Kat, Fall 2006, PW, Dir. Tara Schuster) *

Work Experience

  • For Money (The Greater Brown Community)
    • Residential Peer Leader: Fall 2007-Fall 2008.
    • Costume Shop Assitant: Fall 2009-Spring 2009.
  • For Love (PW)
    • Organized the Props Closet, alot.
    • TF Green: Co-General Manager: Fall 2008-Spring 2010
    • Lots of other stuff I forget.


Selected Related Courses

  • Guhahamuka (Ehn)
  • Reality: A Playwriting Class (D'Amour)
  • Advanced Fiction (Fields)
  • Intermediate Playwriting (Moss)
  • Intermediate Playwriting (Terry-Morgan)
  • Intermediate Fiction (Matambo)
  • Dance Composition (Bach-Coulibali)
  • Theater History and Historiography (Ybarra)
  • Performance Theory (Schneider)
  • Development of 20th Century History in the West (Emigh)
  • Acting (Marshall)
  • Introduction to Technical Theatre and Production (Hett)
  • Independent Reading and Research (Stranberg)
  • Independent Reading and Research (Terry-Morgan)

Side Notes

  • Double Majored in Theater Arts and Literary Arts
  • Junior Spring Abroad in Bologna, Italy
  • I Ice Skate.
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