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Conor Kane


  • Romeo and Juliet [dir. Emma Johnson '14]. Tybalt. PW, Spring 2013.
  • Yermedea Raw [dir. Kym Moore]. Sock and Buskin, Soulographie, Fall 2012.
  • A Perfect Wedding [dir. John Emigh]. Frank. Sock and Buskin, Spring 2012.
  • Blasted [dir. Sam Barasch '12]. Voice of Ian. PW, Spring 2012.
  • Gross Indecency [dir. Kym Moore]. Alfred Douglas. Sock and Buskin, Fall 2011.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream [dir. Kate Doyle '12]. Helena. Shakespeare on the Green, Spring 2011.
  • Directorz in the Downspace: The Obsolete Man [dir. Matt Mettler '13]. The Chancellor. Production Workshop, Spring 2011.
  • Stand and Unfold Yourself [dir. Doug Eacho ‘11]. Hamlet. Spring 2011.
  • 3c2c: The Gladiator Games by Justin Kuritzkes '12 [dir. Doug Eacho ‘11]. Gladiator. Production Workshop, Fall 2010.

Other Work

  • Eurydice [dir. Margaret Maurer '13]. Assistant Director. Production Workshop, Winter 2011.
  • 3c2c: Plumblines [dir. Margaret Maurer '13]. Playwright. Production Workshop, Fall 2011.


  • TAPS0930A: Voice. Jones, Spring 2013.
  • TAPS0116: Style and Performance. Marshall, Spring 2013.
  • TAPS0930: Stage Movement. Moore, Fall 2012.
  • TAPS1530: Solo Opera Performance. Ehn, Spring 2012.
  • TAPS0230: Acting. Marshall, Fall 2011.
  • TAPS0100: Playwriting I. Jendrzejewski, Spring 2011.
  • TAPS0030: Intro to Acting & Directing. Crawford, Fall 2010.
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