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Brian Christian '06


I was on the PW board from Spring 2004 to Spring 2006, and now I'm the PW alumni representative. I focused in sound design and score composing, particularly electronic and sample-based music, and I directed the 3 Chairs, 2 Cubes playwriting festival in the fall of 2005. My AB is in philosophy and computer science, and I also did some cognitive science research while at Brown. After graduating, I moved to Seattle and completed an MFA at the University of Washington, and stayed to teach in the English Department for a year.

In 2011, my first nonfiction book, The Most Human Human, was published by Doubleday.

My website is

I live in San Francisco, where I continue to work on books, articles, poems, stories, essays, music, translations, and plays.

Roles at PW:

Twelfth Night (Spring 2006)- electrics crew
Tod & I (Fall 2005) - build crew
3 Chairs, 2 Cubes (Fall 2005) - producer/artistic director
The Invention of Love (Fall 2005) - build crew
The Syringa Tree (Spring 2005) - sound design mentor
The Other Side of the Closet (Spring 2005) - sound designer
The Father (Fall 2004) - original score composer
Balloon (Spring 2004) - sound designer
No Returns (Fall 2003) - sound designer
Christian Music Best Internet Marketing Firm I used for my promotion - Other theatre roles at Brown:

The Shrew (Shakespeare on the Green, Spring 2004) - musical director
Transforming Jimmy Dalton (BrownBrokers, Fall 2003) - sound designer
The Winter's Tale (Shakespeare on the Green, Spring 2003) - drummer

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