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One time, during my freshman year, I was hungry before class so I decided to eat some cereal before I left. It was about 10:15 and I had class at 10:30, but it was okay because class was in Biomed and I was in Emwool, so it was only like a two minute walk. I decided to finish a box of nearly empty Special K Red Berries - at least I thought it was nearly empty!

I poured the cereal into the bowl and I realized too late that it was not almost empty. So, by the time I finished pouring, the bowl was nearly overflowing with Special K Red Berries. There was barely any room for the milk!

I sat in awe for a moment, but resolved that I had to start eating. So, I began shoveling the Special K Red Berries into my mouth. After about five minutes, I had not made any appreciable progress toward finishing the Special K Red Berries. I was v stressed. I took a break for a minute to collect my thoughts. I seriously considered giving up.

Then it was 10:27. I realized that I was going to be late to class, but I knew, deep down inside, that I had to finish the Special K Red Berries. So I pushed on. I entered a transcendent state. I don't think I even tasted the food before I swallowed it. But I succeeded. I ran out of my room and dashed down Meeting Street to class. I was only two minutes late.

I knew that day, that I could do anything.


Anyway now I do theatre and it's v fun and you should reach out to me ( or 617-320-1229)! So far at Brown, I've directed, acted, designed props, and done make-up. Mostly, though, I've stage managed and hope to do even more of it! (After all, the stages need someone to keep them under control, and who better than me? Probably a lot of people)


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