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Alex Rosenthal '08


Hi! I'm Alex. I'm a PW board member and I love 24 and geocaching. Right now if you ask me about working on a show I may say no, but I'd love to take on mentoring positions and help out in general.

I am now the upstairs space coordinator, so if you are at all interested in putting up a show in the upstairs space or have questions about using the upspace or putting together a show please contact me!

Technical Experience:

  • The Laramie Project (Assistant Stage Manager)
  • The Great Work (Technical Director)
  • Sunday in the Park with George (Pit orchestra–clarinet)
  • The Karaoke Kid (Technical Director and master of liquid life)
  • The Other Side of the Closet (Lighting Designer)
  • You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Technical Director)
  • The Syringa Tree (Sound Designer)
  • The Invention of Love (Assistant Lighting Designer)
  • Mousetrap (Technical Director)
  • Moon Mary (Leeds) (Sound Designer)
  • Growing Born (Co-Production Manager)
  • Red Herring (Leeds) (Sound Designer)
  • Hair(Stuart) (Assistant Sound Designer)
  • Urinetown (Sound Mentor)
  • The Olive Thief (Co-Production Manager, Set Designer)
  • The Beauty Queen of Leenane (Light Designer)
  • Intermediate Set Design (Taught by Michael McGarty)
  • Assassins (Set Designer)
  • The Flies (Production Manager)
  • Advanced Set Design (Taught by Micael McGarty)
  • Andrew Evans' magic show (Light Designer)
  • 3 Chairs 2 Cubes 2007 (Coproducer, Co-Artistic Director)
  • Stone Cold Dead Serious (Production Manager)
  • New Plays Festival 2008 (Technical Director)

Writing Experience:

  • The Hour Before (cowrote this musical with Allison Grubbs and Aaron Stanton, originally as a submission to Brownbrokers.)
  • Rodent Tossing Staged Reading in the First Undergraduate Playwriting Experience in the McCormack Theater. Directed by Andrew Evans.
  • Noir Dire Staged Reading in the Second Undergraduate Playwriting Experience in the McCormack Theater. Directed by Andrew Evans.
  • The Fishbowl Chronicles Staged Reading in PW's upstairs space.
  • Playwriting I (taught by Andy Bragen)
  • Playwriting II (taught by Sam Marks)
  • Advanced Playwriting (taught by Bonnie Metzgar)
  • Wooden Writing (taught by Paula Vogel and Bonnie Metzgar)
  • EXP (playwright collaborative group/class led by Dan LeFranc)

Acting Experience:

  • The Merchant of Venice (Launcelot Gobbo)
  • Park Play (Old Chess man)
  • Collaborative Language course in the Brown/Trinity Consortium (taught by Bonnie Metzgar and Curt Columbus)

Directing Experience:

  • References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot (Assistant Director)
  • The Questing Beast Staged Reading
  • The Hour Before Concert version
  • 2-minute play happening (Part of Pastiche)
  • Noir Dire full production in the upstairs space

Electrics Crews:

  • The Father
  • Psyche
  • The Karaoke Kid
  • Soul Love
  • Chicago (Master of blinky lights)
  • Moon Mary
  • Growing Born
  • Twelfth Night
  • Urinetown
  • I am Eloise

Build Crews:

  • Growing Born
  • The Invention of Love
  • Twelfth Night
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