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Alana Jacoby '08


Hello! I'm a PW board member, currently focusing on lighting design and usually looking to be involved with shows. I solemnly swear to give names to all of the lights in the electrics room. One day. I'm also a literary arts concentrator mostly interested in playwriting. In my spare time I enjoy artificial watermelon flavoring.

Shows I've worked on at Brown:
The Laramie Project - pw, fall 2004 (Stage Manager)
The Great Work - pw, fall 2004 (Technical Director)
The Karaoke Kid - pw, spring 2005 (Production Manager)
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown - mf, spring 2005 (Set Designer)
The Mousetrap - pw, fall 2005 (Bozo)
Chicago - mf, fall 2005 (Set Desginer)
Moon Mary - brownbrokers, fall 2005 (Assistant Lighting Designer)
Growing Born - pw, spring 2006 (Lighting Designer)
Twelfth Night - pw, spring 2006 (Bozo)
Eternity Placement Opportunity - pw, spring 2006 (Lighting Design Mentor)
Salome - pw, spring 2006 (Lighting Design Mentor)
Urinetown - mf, spring 2006 (Lighting Designer)
Assassins - mf, fall 2007 (Stage Manager)
A Doll House - pw, spring 2007 (Lighting Designer)
Joe & The Pony Express… -pw's week in the space, spring 2007 (Lighting Designer)
The Pillowman - pw, spring 2007 (Lighting Designer)

Electrics and Build Crews
The Father - pw, fall 2004
Sunday in the Park with George - mf, fall 2004
The Karaoke Kid - pw, spring 2005
The Other Side of the Closet - pw, spring 2005
The Invention of Love - pw, fall 2005
The Mousetrap - pw, fall 2005
Twelfth Night - pw, spring 2006
Macbett - senior slot 2007
Accidental Death of an Anarchist - pw, spring 2007

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