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Please don't ask me for a quarter. It's my pet peeve. Honestly, I'd rather you refrain from asking me for any spare change at all. If you ABSOLUTELY MUST, I guess you could ask me for dimes and I wouldn't b 2 mad.

I left some cookies in the bottom left hand drawer. Go on and get them, now. Yup. Yes, right there. Exactly, in the bottom left hand drawer. Perfect. Yummy.

One time I thought I saw Austin Draycot on the street and so then I *hissed* at him. But then it wasn't him. That story is funny because a) I freaked out a random man on the street, and b) I thought the appropriate greeting for Austin was a hiss.

This is a poem by Charles Bukowski please read it and take notes.


the area dividing the brain and the soul
is affected in many ways by
experience –
some lose all mind and become soul:
some lose all soul and become mind:
some lose both and become:

Papers will be due in class two weeks from Tuesday. 10-12 pages, double spaced, w/ annotated bibliography.

Now, some ~shakespeare~

What studied clowns, clown, hast for clowns?
What wheels, racks, clowns? What flaying, boiling in leads or clowns?
What old or newer clowns must I receive,
Whose every clown deserves to taste of thy most clown?
Thy clown, together working with thy clowns,
Fancies too weak for clowns,
Too green and idle for clowns of nine.
O, think what clowns have done,
And then run clown indeed, stark clown!
For all thy bygone clowneries were but clowns of't.
That thou betrayedst clown, twas nothing.
That did but show you, of a clown, inconstant, and damnable ingrateful.
Nor wast much that thou wouldst have poisoned good Camillo's clown,
To have him clown a clown;
Poor clowns, more monstrous standing by,
Whereof I reckon the casting forth to clowns thy baby clown
To be or none, or clown,
Though a clown would have shed water out of fire ere done't.
Nor is't directly laid to thee the death of the young clown,
Whose honorable clown, clowns high for one so tender,
Cleft the heart of clown who could conceive a gross and foolish clown,
Blemished his gracious clown.
This is not, no, laid to thy clown.
But the last–
O clowns, when I have said, cry clown!
The clown!
The clown!
The sweet'st, dearest clown is dead.
And vengeance for it not clowned down yet.

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