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hi. my name is abby espiritu. i like theatre. a lot.

fun fact #1: on march 20, 2016, at exactly 2:27pm est, i had the opportunity to facetime with one of the greatest human beings of our generation, LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA. it was (and probably will remain) the greatest moment of my life. ask me about it sometime.

fun fact #2: in addition to the bajillion other things I do, I also run a beauty and lifestyle YouTube channel that you should 100% subscribe to! it's called “Little Red Alice” and my current most popular video is a cosplay makeup tutorial on how to turn yourself into a murderous Japanese anime schoolgirl. check it out here –>

fun fact #3: in 2016, my younger brother starred in the tony award-winning revival of “The King and I” on broadway. i saw the show 10 times in 6 months. sometimes i felt like i was more invested in the show than some of the people in the actual cast.

fun fact #4: when i was 10, i received my black belt in tae kwon do. to this day, i can still break wood with my hands and feet. one time when i was 16 i was asked to pretend to break a table with my hands in a musical. i accidentally ended up breaking the prop completely. we were forced to cut it from the show.

fun fact #5: i joined both the PW Board and MF Board in the spring 2016, during my freshmen year. i'm the first person to simultaneously be on both the PW and MF Board since 2009. don't ask me which board i like better. i won't answer you.

theatrey things i've done at brown:

junior year

  • Dreamgirls - Musical Forum - Executive Producer - November 2017
  • West Side Story (Concert Musical) - Musical Forum - “Maria” - September 2017

sophomore year

  • Ugly Lies the Bone - Production Workshop WITS - “Kacie” - April 2017
  • Songs I Stole From Anya - Production Workshop - Executive Producer - April 2017
  • Quite the Star - Brown Motion Pictures (not theatre, but related to performing!) - Makeup Artist - March 2017
  • Homesick at Space Camp - Production Workshop - Executive Producer - February 2017
  • A Chorus Line - Musical Forum - “Connie” - November 2016
  • You Do YOU Showcase - Musical Forum - Executive Producer - October 2016
  • If You're Lucky - Production Workshop - Costume Designer - September 2016

freshmen year

  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - Shakespeare on the Green - “The Player” - May 2016
  • Black Comedy - Production Workshop - Co-Costume Designer - May 2016
  • Carousel - Musical Forum - “Ensemble” - April 2016
  • King Lear - Shakespeare on the Green - Asst. Costume Designer - April 2016
  • Tallgrass Gothic - Production Workshop - Asst. Costume Designer - March 2016
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream - Sock & Buskin - “Puck” - March 2016
  • The Red Paint - Sock & Buskin - “Sister/Flower #2” - December 2015
  • Marat/Sade - Production Workshop - “Coulmier's Wife” - October 2015

if you would like more information on what it's like to be on a theatre board, would like to get involved as an actor within brown theatre, are interested in joining PW (or MF), or want to ask me about the lin-manuel miranda story, you can reach me at

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