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This page refers to our old proposal system. Please see our new guidelines.

propose to production workshop

Thank you for considering PW as a producer for your show. These guidelines are provided to inform you of the general procedures for proposing and offer some suggestions on what to talk about in your proposal.

As a board we strongly recommend that anyone interested in proposing read proposals that others have written and also talk to students who have proposed before. This should make you more comfortable and familiar with proposing. Proposals are available to read in the PW box in Becker Library, Leeds, and online here.

We also want to stress that Production Workshop is not the only space for student projects on the Brown campus, nor is it the only place with financial resources for such artistic endeavors. Student theater has been enjoyed everywhere from our own “Upstairs Space”, Ashamu Dance Studio, and Rites & Reasons to the French House courtyard; the Brown Committee on the Arts offers grants on a project by project basis.

For new directors who are interested in getting started but are daunted by the magnitude of a Downstairs Space Production, PW sponsors “Director's Workshop”, which occurs once a semester. Ask a board member if you're interested in beginning smaller. And now…

Basic Steps:

Proposal Package

The proposal packet will be given to the mentor (whose name will be listed on the posters) by the deadline on the posters. This proposal must include:

  • 10 copies of your proposal
  • a copy of the script (or if the work is unscripted, a reasonably detailed description of the performance piece)
  • a fully drafted ground plan of your stage production with all relevant dimensions

PW will put the copies of the proposal and the script on reserve in Becker Library. Any interested people (e.g. actors) may read these proposals; We are committed to making proposals as open as possible.


The mentor will schedule a half-hour interview with you for the following Saturday. The interview gives the board a chance to discuss the proposal with you and other members of your staff who you want to contribute to the interview (e.g. Asst. Director, Set Designer, etc.) For the sake of keeping the number of people to a comfortable minimum, please bring with you only those people on your staff who you expect to participate in the interview. These interviews are not grill sessions. You should feel free to bring your own specific ideas, elaborations and corrections (if any) to this interview.


The board will meet after all the interviews, with the possibility of reconvening later that night, and let you know our decision as soon as we have made one.

Suggestions for your proposal

The Basics

Title, author, director, your phone number (please include this, we will need it to let you know the outcome of the proposal meeting).

Main Body

You should answer the following questions:

  • Why have you chosen to direct this play/piece?
  • Why is it important to do this play at Brown, at PW and now?
  • Describe a moment from the show to us.
  • What is your concept/vision and how do you intend to develop it throughout the production?
  • What specific plans do you have for the rehearsal process and for working with the actors and the design/technical staff?


We like to see as detailed a design as possible. Set is the most important because of cost and building time, but we'd also like to know what you're thinking about for lights and sound. Pleae bring a groundplan.


The maximum amount for a full-length production is $650 ($250 for One-Acts) which includes the cost of amateur performance rights. If the play has been published then you need to budget in the total amount for performance rights for the play (4 nights of performance). Cost for rights can range anywhere between free to $200+. (Whatever the rate, we need to secure rights before the show opens and we need at least an estimate of the fee at the proposal meeting). When you call for rights, make sure you stress that you are producing an Amateur Workshop for a non-paying student audience (see how these word are in bold. this is an important thing to mention. It won't cost as much if you stress this enough). A Budget breakdown must also include approximate costs for set construction, costumes, props, publicity, xeroxing, etc. Please try to estimate as close to the actual costs as possible. Publicity usually costs between $60-70.


For the proposal you will need:

  • Stage Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Technical Director
  • Master Electrician

For the actual production you will also need:

  • Light Board Operator
  • Set Construction Crew
  • Publicity
  • Props
  • Sound Operator
  • Running Crew (if applicable)

You may also want to have:

  • Asst. Director
  • Asst. Stage Manager (highly recommended)
  • Asst. Technical Director
  • Dramaturg

If you have any questions about the responsibilities of such persons see the “PW Joblist” located in the PW box in Becker Library.

Board members may be able to provide you with names of people who might be interested in these positions. Please talk to us!

Please remember that these guidelines are suggestions, not laws written in stone. We recommend taking them into consideration because they cover issues that often surface in both proposal and production processes. The most important part of your proposal is of course your commitment to it, the energy and thought you have invested, and that you are ready to invest in the production process.

Thank you for your interest. We encourage all directors to ask questions of us as board members and to feel comfortable discussing proposals with us.

Please Note

All productions are required to run open auditions.

All plays produced by Production Workshop are cast without regard to race, color, or ethnic identity, except when such identity is central to the production's thematic content. This policy includes the casting of family units.

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