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"Das production workshop minutes!"

23 october 1999

R&G - seating platforms go up 11.30 sunday night
- tickets manned by Jasmine and Sarah in the blueroom thrudasy at 4pm

ushering - friday - jarrett HM,
saturday - Jas HM, Zina/Alix USHER
saturday mid. - Jar. HM,
Sunday - Giselda HM, Sam USHER
Monday - Sam HM, Emily USHER

Grants - tba by sara and giselda - we got four proposals

New Plays - meeting w/Mac Wellman at 5.45pm monday Nov.1st

Spending Money - we want to buy a new ironing board and iron for costume shop through lucus

Tabled - Film slots - proposing having a pw slot devoted to film
- definition of a bozo - more proactive less proactive?
- Day to clean the Furniture room -date/time?
- new blacks. buy? fix?

PW is: Giselda Beaudin, Alex Aixala, Katherine Shaw, Christopher Hayes, Maria Goyanes(on leave), Jasmine Syedullah, Jarrett Byrnes, Alix Sobler, Sara Ciarelli, Thea Grant (on leave), Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Zina Miller, Rachael Miller, Sam Kusnetz.


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