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"the production workshop minutes"

14 march 1999

Present at our “let's make it at 2pm because we have a decision meeting which has to be at 4” meeting: eric giselda alix sleonard jcn

this coming weekend in the downstairs space, pw's 3rd slot (a week in the space)!
Blood's Weddings directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian and Abi Basch

ellie davis, pm from the show came and talked to us. they're going to have room for 80 people on benches (will try to cram more in). 3 performances: sat 7pm, sun 8pm, mon 8pm. jarrett will make the tickets and will have them cut, numbered and in the box by 4pm wednesday so that alix can pick them up to give out in the blue room.

House Managing/Ushering:

  • Saturday, March 20, 7pm: erick (HM), sleonard
  • Sunday, March 21, 8pm: giselda (HM), kate
  • Monday, March 22, 8pm: jcn (HM), erk, chris

(it'd be nice if we could get more board members to sign up to user the nights where we are lacking…)

Strike for Dangerous Liaisons will be tomorrow, March 15 at 10:30 after the show. Both DL and 3rd slot staffs and casts should be there.

Strike List:

  • Running: Erk
  • On the floor: giselda, kate, alex
  • In the Shop: sleonard, lucas
  • Doing the costumes: alix
  • In the HotRoom: maria, jasmine
  • props/furniture room/upstairs space: jarrett, chris
  • elecrics rooooom: jcn

Upstairs space coming soon!
Mark Cecil will be putting up two of his shows, march 23 and 24th. Look for posters and stuff for more info (i guess).

Money issues have been squelched by giselda regarding fourth slot budgets.

BOARD COMMITMENT MEETING will be saturday, march 20, 1999 at 11am. All board members MUST attend (as it'd be pretty silly to miss the BOARD COMMITTMENT MEETING). This meeting will actually be held after the…

PW Grants decision meeting will be saturday, march 20 at 11am.

Still interested in proposing to get FREE MONEY for (publicly consumable) art? Call Eric at 331-4875 for info but quick as grants are due this Wednesday, March 17.

Rescheduled the platform building fun to 1pm, on sunday march 21 before our regular board meeting.

sleonard will take care of the sewing machine ordering stuff.

erick will go to ikea in new jersey over spring break to get track lighting stuff for the downstairs hallway. or get something from the home despot. whichever.

jcn will get erick the final sheets for the greenbook by tuesday to be copied and placed in the becker.

POLICY stuff: We will have as a STRONGLY ENCOURAGED position on the staff the role of Assistant Technical Director, to build up our pool of TDs on campus.

Alix will make the commencement proposal poster by wednesday and sleonard will mentor the commencement slot.

oh yeah, and sleonard will be in jamaica over spring break. and giselda and eric will be in new jersey. but much of the board will be converging on the ikea in new jersey at some point during that week. because we don't get enough of each other during the academic season.

Next week the minutes won't suck so much as maria will be doing them again. - jcn

PW is: Jesse Chan-Norris, Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Sarah Leonard, Giselda Beaudin, Alex Aixala, Katherine Shaw, Christopher Hayes, Maria Goyanes, Jasmine Syedullah, Jarrett Byrnes, Alix Sobler, Sara Ciarelli (on leave), Thea Grant (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave), Paul Grellong (on leave).


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