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"Los production workshop minutos"

7 march 1999

present: Sarah Jarrett Alix Lucas Kate Chris Eric “my parents deliver” Green Giselda Jesse Maria

Showdates: March 12th to March 15th at 8 PM
with an extra Midnight Special on Saturday March 13th.
Pick up the tickets 1/2 hr before the show and between 5-6 on wed @ Blue Room.

House Managing/Usher List:
Friday: Sarah (H.M.), Alix
Sat @ 8 PM: Jarrett (H.M.), ???
Sat @ Midnite: Lucas (H.M.), Kate, Chris
Sunday: Giselda (H.M.), Eric
Monday: Maria (H.M.), Jesse

(The House Manager Speech will be in the inner office, get there at 7 PM, sweep, do the deal to the Upstairs Space, get the reserve list, and then open the doors at 7:30 PM - and don't forget to wave tauntingly to the people standing out in the cold before you let them in)

4th SLOT - Proposals are due to the board on Thursday March 11th (and will be in the inner office Thursday afternoon). Meeting this Saturday March 13th at 10 AM and the interviews will start at 11 AM. BRING QUESTIONS!!!

PW DAY!!! March 14th at 1 PM - Platform building/purging PW shit day! Jarrett is ordering the wood to build 6 NEW PLATFORMS!!! Fun time for kate jasmine jesse alix eric giselda sarah lucas!!!

GRANTS are due March 17th - CALL ERIC (331-4875) TO APPLY NOW!!!
Any kind of art - performance art, photo, films, large wooden jukeboxes…
Only requirement: Art must be for public consumption.

Random stuff:

  • Lucas : finding out about “fixing” the Upstairs Space piano
  • Chris : pupil to calendarman Eric (regarding the calendar people)
  • Jesse: racks for folding chairs, and safety railings…
  • Kate: C- clamps
  • Eric: track lighting for downstairs hallway (bring catalogue)

Ok, time to lay down the law…

(exceptions to be decided on a case by case basis).

Something we're on the brink of deciding on:
An ASST. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR required on all proposals.

A LIGHTING LAB is in the works!! Right now it's tentatively scheduled for eMay 2nd @ NOON in the Upstairs Space

A PW SIGN is on its way… soon?

Colorin Colorado este cuento se ha acabado.

PW is: Jesse Chan-Norris, Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Sarah Leonard, Giselda Beaudin, Alex Aixala, Katherine Shaw, Christopher Hayes, Maria Goyanes, Jasmine Syedullah, Jarrett Byrnes, Alix Sobler, Sara Ciarelli (on leave), Thea Grant (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave), Paul Grellong (on leave).


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