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"Los PW minutos"

31 january 1999

present: Kate Jesse Giselda Eric Lucas Alex Sarah Maria
in the sandbox with Spence: Chris

Check posters for showtimes.
Tix will be available on Wednesday @ the Blue Room between 5 and 6 And 1/2 hour before the show.

Who wouldn't want to meet Annette Funicello?!
NEW MEMBERS applications are due this Friday in the SAO box (#69) by noon. Decision meeting : Sunday (feb 7th) @ 1PM - Upstairs Space.

2nd SLOT - Proposals will be in the office by Thursday night (along with the scripts). WE ARE NOT MEETING IN THE UPSTAIRS SPACE TO DECIDE ON SATURDAY (feb.6) - Board report to BARBOUR lounge at 10:30 AM to discuss and prepare.

A WEEK IN THE SPACE!!! (and some money too!) - pw week: March 15th through the 22nd - Check posters that will magically reappear after our very rainy days! (hint hint) Want to know what a week in the space really means? Whatever you want it to be!!! Call alex a with questions @ x4584.

THIS FRIDAY - Upstairs Space - come by around 8 PM for some STORYTELLING!!!

Mark your calendars for 8 artsy nights in Upstairs PW - PW's 2nd ANNUAL ARTS FESTIVAL!!! Submissions due February 12th by noon to SAO box #69 - propose film, performance art, photo galleries, anything!!

Need some money for art? Grant submission are due March 17th to Alex A. (call him with ques @ x4584) Be on the lookout for posters in the coming weeks.

Sleonard's 22nd birthday is March 9th.

Don't forget.


  • donation money!!
  • sewing machine???
  • el saw circularo (Alex attempting to obtain??)

no more delay next time, I promise. -maria

PW is: Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Jesse Chan-Norris, Giselda Beaudin, Katherine Shaw, Maria Goyanes, Alex Aixala, Christopher Hayes, Thea Grant (on leave), Sara Ciarelli (on leave), Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave).


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